Best Surface Ceiling Light By Philips Astra India 2020


Philips Star Surface 12W
Low profile surface ceiling lights
Slim Sleek profile – 25mm thickness, L: 178mm,W: 178mm

Best Surface Ceiling Light

Philips Surface Ceiling Light, a light source you can trust. With integrated LED light source, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or lamp replacement while having the perfect light ambiance in your home.

Extreme long-life with reliable performance. Philips SmartSpot lighting fixtures are based on high power LED lights that last up to 20.000 Hours, while providing their best light output.

Sometimes you need a specific light for a specific place (like a ceiling light for instance) and you can’t find the perfect solution.

Surface mounted light fixtures have been a staple piece of design for decades. Their immense strength lies in their flexibility, since they can be installed in almost any space without dramatically altering the ceiling, and are available in endless shapes and sizes.

Up to 80% energy saving compared to standard incandescent light sources.

  • Philips Surface Ceiling Light has Smooth surface finish for easy cleaning

  • Even light distribution

  • Slim Graceful profile – 25 mm thickness; L: 178 mm; W: 178 mm. Low profile Floor ceiling lighting fixtures.

  • Philips Megastar Floor 12W

  • Low profile Floor ceiling lighting fixtures

  • Slender Graceful profile – 25mm thickness, L: 178mm,W: 178mm, 900 lm heat white mild

  • High quality light with strong light output. The light shines in a beam angle of 40? – the perfect angle for spot lighting.

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