Best LED Bulb by Syska, Base B22 9-Watt (Pack of 10, Cool White) India 2020


Includes: LED Bulb
Wattage: 9 watts; Input Voltage : AC220~240V, 50Hz
Warranty: 2 years on product from date of invoice

Best LED Bulb by Syska, Base B22 9-Watt (Pack of 10, Cool White) India 2020

Best LED Bulb by Syska, uses economical option for CFL or glass lamp uses a brand new technology of plastic-aluminum thermal management which offers an extended life with maximum potency. Moreover the design of the shell cover is such that it supplies omni-directional lighting fixtures effect in your interior house.

Lighting costs amount to a major a part of your electricity bill. So bring home this pack of two energy efficacy bulbs from syska and you’ll no doubt notice a substantial cut in the power consumption. These bulbs produce white light that can create a relaxing ambience for your home.

Led bulbs= these 7w and 9w led bulbs product cool daylight and emit bright and even light. They’re mercury free and don’t emit any harmful rays. They illuminate to their brightest capacity in an instant upon being switched up on ,with out any flickering . Material = made from polycarbonate, these bulbs are durable , so you would not have to warry about replacing them frequently. With a b22 cap fitting, they are3 easily to install as they are able to fit into standard light fixture.

With so many types of light bulbs to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you? There’s more than watts involved in the decision! Use this guide to help illuminate your knowledge of today’s light bulbs.

The goal, through lighting, is to make your home comfortable, safe, functional and energy efficient. Often it takes a combination of lighting to achieve this goal. Layered lighting includes: ambient, task and accent lighting.


Model NumberSSK-SRL-9W
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from Date of Invoice
Package Contents1 Bulb
Beam Angle>240 deg
Operating Temperature-20° to 60° C
Recessed / Surface MountYes
MaterialAluminium + Thermoplastic
CRIMore than 75
Input VoltageAC 90-300V 50Hz

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