Best Antique Floor Lamp by OverseasMart India 2020


Material: Wood, Aluminum and Brass Color: Brass Antique Type: Tripod Floor lamp Total Height 40Inch

Best Antique Floor Lamp by OverseasMart India 2020

Best Antique Floor Lamp by OverseasMart; this Brass Tripod Lamp Vintage Flooring Lamp Stand. The Overall Top is 40 Inch.

A lamp is a great furniture piece for a living room. No matter the style you choose, the most important thing is to have the perfect light in your home places. For that reason we bring you some great lamps for you to get inspired. Take a look!

We all know that lighting makes the difference between a dull room and a bright room. Kind of obvious, isn’t it? While we may be limited in terms of light fixtures, we have options galore when it comes to lamps.

But deciding on which lamp to buy might seem like a very simple process. Pick a design, choose the lamp, and you are done, right? No. Not if you want the perfect lamp that matches your home in all aspects.

Lamps are not merely functional objects. Not anymore. Today, lamps are part of the decor, lending character to rooms. Match your lamps to the colour of your walls.

  • Subject material: Picket, Aluminum and Brass
  • Colour: Brass
  • Vintage Kind Tripod Flooring lamp Overall Top 40Inch
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