Best Floor Lamps India 2020

Floor Lamps are not merely functional objects. Not anymore. Today, lamps are part of the decor, lending character to rooms. Match your lamps to the color of your walls. Or let it be a pleasing contrast.

One of the primary questions that need to be answered when buying a Floor Lamp is the purpose behind it. Are you buying it to add a decorative touch? Or is it going to be a reading lamp? Narrowing down the uses of the floor lamp will enable you to decide the kind of lighting that you should be looking for.

If you are targeting enhancement of the ambiance, then perhaps a soft glow would be perfect. Want to highlight a particular object? Then go for accent lighting where the object in question will be in focus. And if it’s for a reading nook, then a bright bulb with a semi-transparent lampshade might work best.

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