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Light Bulbs

With so many types of light bulbs to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you? There’s more than watts involved in the decision! Use this guide to help illuminate your knowledge of today’s light bulbs.

The goal, through lighting, is to make your home comfortable, safe, functional and energy efficient. Often it takes a combination of lighting to achieve this goal. Layered lighting includes: ambient, task and accent lighting.

light bulbs

Tube Lights

If you have a tube light fixture in your garage or troffers in your office, chances are those fixtures are using T8 or T12. Though LED tubes are becoming the preferred light source. There are instances when fluorescent tubes are still necessary. We will take a quick look at some common linear fixtures and discuss which tube lights are the best option.

Replacing your fluorescent tubes with LED retrofits can be a confusing and daunting process. We’ve put together this guide to demystify all of the ins and outs of replacing your fluorescent tubes with LED tube lights.

Tube light
ceiling lights

Ceiling Lights

Sometimes you need a specific light for a specific place (like a ceiling light for instance) and you can’t find the perfect solution. We recommend you spotlights with ceiling lights. There are many different ceiling light fixtures for you to get a unique lighting for your home. From your restaurant to your home, there are so many inspiring images for you to choose the perfect solution for a modern home lighting.

smart lights

Smart Lights

What is smart light?
Smart lights are lights which can be controlled from an app, usually on your Apple and Android phones.
Top benefits of smart lighting:

  • Remotely change the lighting in your home from anyplace.
  • Enjoy greater control over the lighting effects in your home.
  • No need to install dimmer switches.
  • Build up automated lighting schedules around your lifestyle.
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Improve energy efficiency


Chandeliers are an excellent way to give any space in your home that extra WOW factor. However, you don’t want to make the mistake of buying a chandelier that isn’t right for the room.


Desk-Table Lights

Desk/Table lights have a very important role in the decoration and lighting and provide a lot of personality to the spaces. These are fundamental as lighting support. Both to complement the main lighting, as isolated to create ambient light. It provides tones and shades that make a stay in a room full of feelings and personality.

desk lamps
lamp shades

Lamp Shades

The right Lamp Shades can transform a forgotten corner into a cosy nook or a hallway into a work of art. Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Sometimes you get lucky and the perfect Lamp Shades(in the perfect size and perfect color) pops up. Then, as if by magic in shining armor reveals itself to you and all your lighting dilemmas are sorted.

pendant lights

Pendant Lights

Each year brings new trends in every category, and lighting is no different. We’re seeing beautiful new options across pendant lighting trends that will work in any room of your home. We love that many of these trends translate across different styles and aesthetics, so it’s not hard to mix and match.

Wall Lights

The terminology associated with wall lights can be hard to understand and can render you feeling. It makes unsure when you come to add or replace your wall lighting. We shall help to simplify some of the jargon and help you discern what you need.

wall lights

Night Lights

Select Night Lights is a big task. Because not everyone needs them. Yes, it’s best to sleep in total darkness, but nobody is going to judge you if you need a little overnight light in (or near) your bedroom. Whether you’re worried about stubbing your toe on the way to the bathroom, getting into bed without disturbing your already-sleeping partner, or legitimately afraid of the dark, there are plenty of perfectly good reasons to have a night light.

night lights

String Lights

String lights are an easy and affordable way to transform the ambiance of your living. They are extremely affordable and creative to use, making them a hot favorite in home decor.

With the concept of DIY’s becoming extremely popular these days, there are plenty of ways to utilize string lights. These tiny festive lights miss no opportunity to make your home look chic and charming.

living room floor lamp

Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps are not merely functional objects. Not anymore. Today, lamps are part of the decor, lending character to rooms. Match your lamps to the color of your walls. Or let it be a pleasing contrast.

One of the primary questions that need to be answered when buying a Floor Lamp is the purpose behind it. Are you buying it to add a decorative touch? Or is it going to be a reading lamp? Narrowing down the uses of the floor lamp will enable you to decide the kind of lighting that you should be looking for.

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